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Segmental retaining wall systems (SRW's) or segmental retaining wall blocks are an attractive and economical solution for many site grade separation needs. From simple landscape walls to retaining soils for parking lots, or even tiered structures in excess of 40 feet tall, these engineered systems have excellent performance history.


With over 20 years of experience and millions of square feet of successful installations, Slaton Bros. can help you select and engineer the system that is best suited for your project.


MSE pre-cast panel retaining walls are coherent gravity structures consisting of alternating layers of granular backfill and high-strength, inextensible steel strip soil reinforcement with a modular precast concrete facing.


They are used extensively in highway projects for retaining walls and bridge abutments, in seawalls, dams, bulk storage facilities, and in supporting various types of railway transit.


Pre-cast Block retaining wall systems offer strength, durability and a wide variety of aesthetic options. Made from wet cast concrete, they are ideally suited along roadway applications or in environments that are more susceptible to freeze-thaw conditions. Typically they are a much larger unit than their segmental block wall cousins, and range in facial dimensions of 5 sq.ft. up to 24 sq.ft. of face area per unit. Additionally, because of the larger footprint each unit can range in weight from 1,400 lbs up to 7,600 lbs.


Dry stacked mortar less fence and sound wall systems provide long lasting attractive solutions that are unmatched by traditional wood or chain-link options. Constructed with high strength concrete masonry units, steel reinforcement, and concrete grout, these systems are designed and built to last.

Slaton Bros. pre-construction team can help you choose from a variety of color and pattern options for your new privacy, screen or sound wall. Slaton Bros. will work with qualified engineers in your area to ensure that your fence meets all local regulations and design requirements.

Applications Include:

  • Privacy Fences

  • Screen Walls

  • Sounds Walls

  • Parapet Walls

  • Lot Line Residential Walls

  • Security Fences


Soil nailing technology can be applied to new permanent construction, temporary construction and to the restoration of existing structures. Steel reinforcing bars (nails) are installed and grouted over a regular pattern to create a soil that acts as a coherent mass with improved shear strength. This reinforced soil mass provides stability for landslides, cut slopes and deep excavations. 

  • Provides temporary and permanent earth retention systems for deep excavations typically in residual soils and weathered bedrock.

  • Creates permanent retaining walls.Stabilizing slopes and landslides.

  • Offers temporary shoring during the repair of an existing wall.

  • Stablizes vertical cuts in front of existing bridge abutments during highway widening operations.


For more information on soil nails contact our sister corporation on the Nicholson web site.


A gabion wall is a retaining wall made of rectangular containers (baskets) fabricated of thick galvanized wire, which are filled with stone and stacked on one another, usually in tiers that step back with the slope rather than vertically.

The most common civil engineering use of gabions is to stabilize shorelines or slopes against erosion. Other uses include retaining walls, temporary floodwalls, to filter silt  from runoff, for small or temporary/permanent dams, river training, channel lining. They may be used to direct the force of a flow of flood water around a vulnerable structure.


Wire-faced earth retention systems provide a cost-effective solution for wall applications where aesthetics are not a critical requirement, the use of alternative wall systems are cost prohibitive, or extreme overall or differential settlements prevent the use of a standard MSE wall. Wire faced walls may be used for permanent and temporary applications, such as federal lands service roads, low volume state and county roads, fire and logging roads, industrial sites, and phased construction. If significant settlements or preload conditions are anticipated for a structure, a two-staged MSE wall can be utilized combining a wire faced wall and alternative MSE facing which is applied at the conclusion of the settlement period. Benefits include:

  • Standardized wire-facing units are easily adjusted for unexpected
    field conditions

  • Lightweight components are rapidly erected without the need for
    heavy equipment

  • Flexibility to accommodate significant post-construction settlement


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